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Mythlogic E-commerce CheckoutApril 2011

Project Overview

O6 originally completed the e-commerce system for Mythlogic Computers in August of 2007 and by early 2011 it was time for an update.

The first Mythlogic checkout was a single page system, with shipping and billing information entered on the same page and immediately submitted for acceptance or rejection. The same address had to be used for billing and shipping and only credit cards were accepted. Additionally, all shipping charges were a flat rate.

The checkout updates broke that single page down into four steps with additional options and validation.

Separate billing and shipping addresses could be entered at the first step. A checkbox copied information from the billing address to the shipping address if the customer wanted them to be the same. Another new addition was support for international addresses.

The second step took the shipping address that was entered and used the UPS and USPS APIs to determine what shipping options were available and what each would cost.

Payment options were the third step. In addition to the previously-employed credit card option, the new checkout system supported check, wire transfer, and PayPal E-Check.

The fourth an final step was a confirmation page, allowing the customer to review their cart before submitting their order.

This front-end checkout system was also cloned into a back-end system that allowed Mythlogic employees to take offline sales.


The first step of the updated Mythlogic checkout system allowed for entry of both billing and shipping addresses. The second step of the updated Mythlogic checkout system allowed for customers to select from a list of available shipping options. The third step of the updated Mythlogic checkout system provided multiple payment options. The final step of the updated Mythlogic checkout system gave customers a chance to review their order information before submitting it.